The Terrifying Moment We Were Almost Rammed Off The Road | Your Car Stories

Publicerades den 20 jul 2020
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In this week's podcast, the guys discuss your near-death experiences, unpopular opinions, and Alex gets something off his chest...
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  • The guy messaging in saying he wants to buy his "first supercar" with that budget is day dreaming and most likely an instagram flexer. R8 V8 isn't a supercar, they are slow and heavy and boring as hell to drive. I have owned a 2009 Nissan GTR, tuned to 650hp and it was a monster BUT... any GTR for £30k - £35k will be a high mileage bag of rubbish. You will soon find yourself spending the same as the value in repairs.

  • With 35k Alex would just buy 35 shitboxes wouldn't he?

  • Nissan GTR is not a supercar...

  • Mike Brewer loses a motor

  • I liked the c30

  • What about a maseratti or a BMW i8 for the supercar it's more exotic over supercar choice too

  • I've always viewed a supercar to break the 200mph at stock and have a new list price of 6 figures. Hypercar is the same but must reach over 230mph but its all very fluid I think.

  • Would be great if you could start numbering the podcasts just to make it easier to navigate them

  • 35K for a supercar, hmmm. Unreliability will be a nightmare, maybe early-ish Lotus Esprit modified with an engine swap.. or early Lotus Elise, k20 k24 swap.. or Porsche Targa, with some work they can look pretty good, maybe turbo conversion...

  • 11:48 not surprised a f**ing 18 year old with an EP3 type R FFS

  • Best "race" I ever had was against someone in a 4 series on the m20 heading back to London from Dover and I'm in my RS7. Was about 6AM on a Sunday so the roads were completely dead, but I was poodling along at 70, being a good boy. He comes steaming up the road and gets right up behind me stays there for about 10 seconds, flashes once and then hoons past me. I wasn't having that so I made chase. We reached speeds of at least 140MPH until I eventually overtook him about 15 seconds later. As I overtook I looked over and gave him a cheeky wave and a smiled.

  • The taxi sound like the lorry driver w Jack's car 😂😂😂😂

  • That copper story is brilliant

  • alex a car bloke who i love, u should know a gtr is 3.8,. not 3.6

  • Rightt show it to the ca... cAr GuRuS shows you more car listings than any other site

  • These 3 guys should have there own channel TBH they are way to talented,funny and creative to be employs with a regular ass salary when they generate way more for CT they should own there own channel, we watch them not because it’s CT but because We love them, this whole ass channel was put on because of them fuck that they honestly deserve better I know I’m not the only one who thinks that

  • Think the Royal Mail lorry gave jack a gentle nudge just like the Mercedes Taxi as he was not going fast enough 😁🤣

  • lasted 7.33 minutes on this yawn

  • We want to see Phil!! Or Another project like Phil

  • Alex: A super car should be able to do 0-60 in sub 4 seconds £120,000 Bmw I8: *Cries in the corner*

  • How much longer is this next MR-S video gonna take.. I'm dying here.

  • Person driving the Type R, that’s what you get for “driving” like a prick

  • I remember my dad got his Cavalier GSi to 140, although it was far from stock. Was never bouncy at those speeds though so I don't know what that was all about.

  • My mate got to 103 in his 2002 clio 1.2, it felt much better than anticipated. The car did not enjoy it, with smoke billowing out of the engine bay because of the leaky valve cover 😂

  • Okay that taxi story ... that's just a normal day on the Autobahn. No matter how fast you are, there is always a Taxi or like plumbing van bumpdrafting and flashing you Like I'm doing a casual 220 in my V70R and there is a Mercedes Vito just shooting past at probably 250

  • Can’t believe the best advice you could come up with for someone considering a lotus evora with a budget of £35k was a fucking GTR or RS6!? What about an actual Lotus evora competitor, you know, like an actual sports car??? Whoever was asking, some good suggestions: 997.2 C2S, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Mustang 5.0 V8, M2 or 1M, M3/4, R8, TVR Tuscan or T350...

  • Get Mike brewer back old out ur annd

  • Do a 10000 supercar

  • Could literally listen to these three chat for hours😂

  • If I had 35k I would an E30, put an e46 engine into it and still have 15-20K

  • i messaged alex 1 month ago saying i had a 1996 toyota starlet for him for £50 but he never got back to me so i had it crushed

  • i sent u a car story 3 months ago and u never read it out, it is probably one of the best but u never read it, waste of 30 mins of typing the story

  • I dont understand why they dont split off and create their own channel? i meen these guys ARE car throttle...

  • Go For a Ford Fiesta ST Or Focus RS

  • Set up your own SEnewss channel and i'll follow, you should reap the benefits!

  • You should do top gear.

  • Rs6 is my dream motor, power sleeper combo but not get a nice one for 35k though, would need another 10 or 15k for a newer one.

  • These podcasts are getting better and better!!

  • I've been watching you for years, you are the next next thing to original top gear. I've seen your boss, he is no videos, he doesn't deserve your success. If you, Jack and Ethan make your own channel you could all be millionaires. Don't sell yourself short

  • I heard about a guy who was pushed down the road before🤔...

  • Love the podcast best thing to be watching at work

  • Brilliant 👏

  • car throttle i know this is a long shot im a yound dad who needs to get a car but a very tight budget seee if u can help me please

  • its funny when people think they have the authority to tell you how to spend your money.

  • leave car throttle and start your own channel!!!!!!!!!

  • rs6 is like a sleeper

  • Car throttle and the main frontman, yes that's Alex.. Is probably the only show that receives mostly love from everyone. You know who else managed that? OG top gear. Zero reason for bringing this up, it's just a fact that amazes me.

  • If these guys don’t already have equity in CT, I agree with everyone suggesting they go it alone. They *are* CT, pure and simple.

  • Where’s the jingles gone😩

  • That's a cheeky move from them officers ngl😂

  • That guy in the black civic is suuuuuper lucky, and from the sound of it seems White soooo if he was an ethnic, that officer would've eeeeeeasily given him points and possibly a ban😐

  • Idiots like the guy in the ep3 are the reason insurance is so stupidly high 🙃 ruining it for the rest of us

  • Would an Alfa Romeo 4C be classified as a supercar at this price point?

  • The two gents in the park, one having a small snack. Was there a C30 and Scirocco parked next to them?

  • Just realised Phill pic n colin in the back

  • I actually don't mind the c30 but wouldn't drive it myself. The scirocco however, is the ugliest piece of sh!t I've ever seen. I wouldn't even like to be seen driving it to the scrappy, which should be it's next destination.

  • calling B.S. on the cavalier gsi story, The gsi didnt come out in the late 80s, but in 1990, The early gis's didnt have any airbag. The whole story about being nudged at 135 mph is just ridiculous.

  • 22:29 - I actually don't think it is true. Taxi driver effectively crashed into them and as far as police report goes it does not matter what speed they were doing. I mean sure if you report you were doing 130Mph police will not be overly happy, but I am not even sure if it could be legally enforced even if you say so. What is classed as speeding has very strict requirements of how the speed is measured etc. (+ we know speeds shows higher speed than it is). That said if there was any damage on his bumper and he had reported to police simply "that taxi had rear-ended his car in whilst he was overtaking in outside lane", this still would be valid claim + he had a witness. Likewise it is not like taxi driver could defend that by saying "we both were doing 130Mph", that is neither valid defence nor he has any valid proof... in fact it just makes his actions worse - not only he would admit to criminal act (ramming other car deliberately is criminal damage), but doing so at high speed. Obviously, alternatively we speculate that situation was not exactly as described... maybe taxi was tailgating them and his friend "brake-checked" the taxi? Obviously, taxi should not have been tailgating them so close that it could not react to "brake-check", but neither they should have done it. In such case I would agree - both were equally at fault and reporting to police would have rendered little results. Still in the times of no dash-cams they could have claimed no such thing as "brake-check" happened and taxi just rammed them, but perhaps they didn't feel this was fair. 31:05 - as for the officers... that was NOT fair play and nothing about it was funny. It could have ruined their relationship for nothing really and it is almost impossible to prove yourself honest in such situation. Perhaps if that was some one night stand with random girl it is not so much of an issue, but if that would have happened to me and after that I would have separated with girlfriend I am seriously in love with... I would have found that officer and literally killed him, likely stabbed him dead or shot him. Not joking or exaggerating even the slightest here. They are professionals doing their job... and if they feel it was that serious to issue a warning or a fine, that is their duty, but making such inappropriate jokes is extremely unprofessional and could have resulted in irreparable damage to their relationship. Even in case where that is true and he was cheating it was inappropriate for officer to raise this.

  • I am tired of podcasts I want to see a new project 😢😢😢😢😢😢 like if you agree.

  • Considering you guys don't own Car Throttle, have you never considered going independent?